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The Game Library 2023

The Game Library 2023

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Deep Space New World Order

Winter Queen



Enigma Beyond Code

Windmill Cute Secrets

TitlePublisher# of PlayersLengthAge
1500 The New WorldDVG2-620-45
1754 ConquestAcademy Games2-460-12012+
878 VikingsAcademy Games2-460-12012+
Abandon PlanetOrange Machine Games4-8 40-8014+
AcquireAvalon Hill3-612+
AdaptGatekeeper Games2-33014+
Age of ConanFantasy Flight2-49012+
Age of MythologyEagle Games2-42 hrs10+
Albion’s LegacyJasco1-460-9014+
ApocryphaLoan shark games1-66014+
Apollo  Buffalo Games2-530-6012+
Apollo 13Pendragon2-545-7514+
Are you the TraitorLooney Labs4-1010-3014+
Arctic Scavengers Base Game + HQ + ReconRio Grande Games1-545-6013+
AsgardWhat’s your Game?2-460-12012+
Augsburg 1520Rio Grande2-525-7512+
Awesome KingdomIDW2-430-4512+
Axis & Allies Starter Mini GameHasbro2
Axis & Allies: Battle of the BulgeHasbro23-4 hrs13+
Axis & Allies: EuropeHasbro2-4NA12+
Bang! HALOUSAopoly3-78+
Batman FluxxLooney Labs2-65-308+
Batman Gotham CityWiz Kids2-460-9014+
Battle for RokuganFFG
Battle for StalingradDVG260NA
Bears vs BabiesExploding Kittens
Beer MoneyAtlas Games2-4
BeowulfFantasy Flight2-430-6010+
Betrayal The House on the HillWizards of the Coast3-66012+
Black Box 2015AEGNANANA
Blood RageCMON2-460-9014+
Bomb SquadTMG2-63013+
Bonaparte in ItalyOperation Studies Group2NANA
Boss MonsterBrotherwise Games2-4 players3013+
Boss Monster 2Brotherwise Games2-4 players3013+
Brutal KingdomKosmos3-43012+
Buffy Friends & Frenemies ExpansionJasco1-640-6013+
Buffy the Vampire SlayerJasco1-640-6013+
Burgle Bros.Burgle Brothers1-445-90
Carcassonne: Inns & CathedralsRio Grande2-530-458+
Carcassonne: The Princess & The DragonRio Grande2-530-458+
Carcassonne: Traders & BuildersRio Grande2-530-458+
CarcassonneRio Grande2-530-458+
Carcassonne: Hunters and GatherersRio Grande2-530-458+
Card FootballCSE Games1-412+
Cards Against Humanity
Castle KeepGamewright2-4208+
Castle PanicFireside1-66010+
Castle Panic: ExpansionsFireside1-66010+
Chemistry FluxxLooney Labs2-65-308+
ChrononautsLooney Labs1-620-4511+
Conan & Expansion
ConquestFantasy Flight230-6014+
Conquest of Planet EarthFlying Frog1-430-9012+
Council of Four
Cthulhu A Deck Building GameWyvern Games1-645-12014+
Cthulhu The Horror in DunwichWyvern Games1-645-12014+
Cthulhu Fluxx
Custom HeroesAEG2-64514+
Dark Darker DarkestQueen Games2-512012+
Dead Man’s TreasurePlay Room3-5208+
Dead of WinterPlaid Hat2-560-12013+
Deep 5Jasco2-460-9014+
Dice SettlersNSKN Games1-49014+
DiplomacyAvalon HIll1-712+
DominionRio Grande2-43014+
Dragon Boats of the Four SeasMaple Games2-44512+
Duel in the DarkZ-Man1-26012+
Dungeon RaidersPassport3-5208+
Dungeon RollTMG1-415-308+
Echidna ShuffleWattsalpoag2-610-206+
El CaballeroRio Grande2-49013+
Encounters ShadowRunCatalyst1-815-3013+
Epic PVPAEG2-41514+
Epic PVP FantasyAEG2-41514+
EpochRio Grande1-43014+
Escape from the aliens in outer spaceOsprey2-820-4512+
Evil Dead 2Jasco
Evil OverlordShades of Vengeance3-1056+
Exploding Kittens2-5157+
Fate of the Elder Gods
Fire & AxeIDW3-59012+
FireflyGale Force 91-5213+
Firefly out to the BlackToy Vault3-530-4514+
Firefly Shiny DiceUpper Deck1-53012+
Fishing for TerroristsSlugfest Games2-64510+
Five TribesDays of Wonder2-440-8013+
For Crown & KingdomRio Grande2-44514+
For GlorySpielcraft260-9014+
Fortress AmericaFantasy Flight2-42-3 hrs14+
Frontline no ComradesAnvil 8 games2-820 8+
Frontline: D-DayDVG2
Galactic Strike ForceGreater Than Games2-66013+
Galaxy of the Dark AgesGMT2-545-9012+
Game of Thrones Westeros IntrigueFantasy Flight2-615-308+
GanymedeLucky Duck Games2-420-4014+
GenesisHaunted Castle23013+
Guardian Chronicles Expansion 1Iello2-512014+
Guardian Chronicles Expansion 2Iello2-512014+
Guardian Chronicles Expansion 3Iello2-512014+
Guardians ChroniclesIello2-512014+
GuerillaAvalon Hill3-620/perNA
HabitatValley Games2-63018+
Hearts and MindsWorthington Games21-6 hrs12+
Heroes of Normandie + Brit & Ger ExpansionsIello2309+
High Noon SaloonSlugfest Games2-630-6010+
IdeologyZ-Man2-51-2 hrs12+
Incan GoldGryffin Games3-820-408+
InfiltrationFantasy Flight2-630-4514+
Iron SkyRevision Games2-690-12012+
Judge Dredd The Cursed EarthOsprey1-43-5014+
KahootsMayday Games3-420-3012+
Kill Doctor LuckyCheapass Games2-820-4012+
Kill ShotDVG2+20NA
King of the BeastsPlay Room2-5NA8+
Kings and thingsZ-Man2-460-18013+
Knights of CharlemagnePlayroom2-4
Legacy of DragonholtFantasy Flight1-614+
Legendary Encounters FireflyUpper Deck1-530-6014+
Libertalia – Winds of GalecrestStonemaier1-640-6014+
Lord of the RingsEagle Games2-5206+
Lunch Money
Mage War ArenaArcane Wonders245-9014+
Mage Wars AcademyArcane Wonders23014+
Mare Nostrum EmpiresAcademy Games3-59014+
Martian DiceTMG2+10-308+
Martian Fluxx
Martians!!!Twilight Creations2-66013+
Master TrialsAEG1-460-9014+
Medwar SicilyWorthington Games1-42-3 hrs12+
Medwar SicilyWorthington Games1-42-312+
Message to the CzarRio Grande2-520-4010_
Mice & MysticsPlaid Hat Games1-460-907+
Mice & Mystics Heart of Glorm ExpansionPlaid Hat Games1-460-907+
MedievalTwilight Creations2-66013+
Modern Land BattlesDVG2-61 hrNA
Munchkin Loot LetterAEG2-42010+
Mythic BattlesIello2-44514+
Mythic Battles Expansion 1Iello2-44514+
Mythic Battles Expansion 2Iello2-44514+
Mythos Tales8th Summit1-8
MythotopiaTreeFrog Games2-46013+
NaasiiCoyote & Crow2-5 players30-5013+
NanofictionaryLooney Labs3-615-208+
Ninja Legend of the Scorpion ClanAEG2-44512+
Noir of IndinesLevel 992-4158+
Odyssey Wrath of PoseidonAries2-530+13+
Orient ExpressRio Grande2-56014+
PairsJames Ernest2-8158+
Pandemic Reign of CthulhuZ-Man2-4408+
Pirate Fluxx
Plague incNdemic Creations1-46014+
Play Book FootballBucephalus230-608+
Power GridRio Grande2-62 hrs13+
Quest a Time of HerosZ-Man2-560-9010+
Red Dragon InnSlugfest Games2-4
Red Dragon Inn – Spike & Flower expansionSlugfest Games2-4
Red RisingStonemaier1-645-6014+
Red SonjaJasco1-460-9014+
Retro Loonacy FluxxLooney Labs2-65-308+
Rise of the ZombiesDVG1-830-90NA
Risk 2210 ADHasbro2-524010+
Risk God StormHasbro2-5NA10+
Rob’n RunRio Grande2-545-6013+
Rome Rise to PowerGolden Egg2-46013+
RootLeder Games2-460-9010+
RoyalsArcane Wonders2-56014+
Saga of the North MenMinion Games2-430-14012+
Secrets of the lost tomb + expansionsEverything Epic1-612014_
Sentinel tacticsGreater Than Games2-830-6013+
Shadows over Camelot Card GamesDays of Wonder1-7208+
Sheriff of NottinghamArcane Wonders3-56014+
Sheriff of Nottingham: Merry MenArcane Wonders3-66014+
Sherwood’s LegacyJasco1-460-9014+
ShogunateAction phase3-62514
Sky TradersFantasy Flight2-52-4 hrs14+
Small WorldDays of Wonder2-540-808+
Smash UpAEG2-44512+
Sojourner TalesDragon Hearth Production2-69010+
SorryParker Brothers2-46+
Soul of the EmpireCharra Games2-412014+
SpartacusGale Force 93-42-3 hrs17+
Spoils of WarArcane Wonders3-56014+
Star FluzzLooney Labs
Star Wars Card GameFFG2
Stone AgeZ-Man2-460-9013+
StrategoMilton Bradley2NA8+
SubdivisionBezier Games1-44513+
SupernovaValley Games3-590-18010+
TakJames Ernest210-3012+
TalismanBlack Industries2-690+9+
Terra Mystica with Fire & Ice ExpansionZ-Man2-530 pp14+
The AdventurersFFG2-6
The Adventurers – Pyramid of HorusFFG2-6
The Bottle ImpStronghold Games2-43010+
The Coven8th Summit3-560-9014+
The Coven: The Village8th Summit3-560-9014+
The Dark CrystalRiver Horse2-46014+
The GodfatherIDW5+6013+
The GrizzledCMON2-53014+
The Hobbit DBG An Unexpected Journey + ExpCryptozoic2-530-4515+
The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyCryptozoic1-44015+
The Hobbit: The Defeat of the Evil Dragon SmaugFantasy Flight2-63010+
The Lord of the Rings Dice Building GameWizKids2-43014+
The Menace Among USSmirk & Dagger4-840-6014+
The Mystery of the TemplarsStratelibri2-412013+
The Red Dragon InnSlugfest2-430-6013+
The Resistance: The Dystopian UniverseIndie5-103014+
The Walking DeadZ-Man1-630-6013+
Thunderstone and ExpansionsAEG2-54512+
Ticket to Ride: EuropeDays of Wonder2-530-608+
Ticket to Ride: MarklinDays of Wonder2-530-608+
TiffinRio Grande2-44014+
Time StoriesAsmodee2-49012+
Tiny Epic KingdomsGamelyn2-530-4514+
Tiny Epic KingdomsGamelyn Games2-530-4514+
Tiny Epic VikingsGamelyn Games1-430-6014+
Titanium WarsIello3-460-9012+
V WarsIDW3-56014+
ViceroyMayday Games1-445-6013+
Villains and VigilantesSuperhuman Games2-46012+
Villains and Vigilantes: Mind over MatterSuperhuman Games2-46012+
ViralArcane Wonders2-560-9012+
VoodooMayday Games3-6NA8+
Voodoo: Double TroubleMayday Games3-6NA8+
Voodoo: Ninjas vs PygmiesMayday Games3-6NA8+
War of HonourAEG2+60-9014+
WarCraftFantasy Flight2-460-9012+
Western LegendsKolossal Games2-690-12014+
Word SlamKosmos3+4512+
Xenoshyft DreadmireCMON1-430-6013+
Xenoshyft OnslaughtCMON1-430-6013+
X-Men Mutant RevolutionWiz Kids3-42-3 hrs14+
You’ve got CrabsExploding Kittens4-107+
Zombie DashInner Kingdom3-6308+
Zombie DiceSteve Jackson
Zombie Fluxx
Zombies vs CheerleadersMatagot22010+
Zombies vs WrestlersAVA2158+
Zombies!!!Twilight Creations2-66013+
Zombies!!! 2Twilight Creations2-76013+
Zombies!!! 3Twilight Creations2-86013+
Zombies!!! 3.5Twilight Creations2-96013+
Zombies!!! 4Twilight Creations2-96013+